Sign-ups begin October 2nd. Small groups launch October 9th!
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What Are Small Groups?

The purpose of small groups is to create an environment for genuine connection and community.

Our prayer is that the resources below give you tools to have spiritual conversations that draw you closer to God and closer to each other.

During your small group we encourage you to use the E.S.P.N. model.

Every group gathering should include each of the following:

Encouragement | Scripture | Prayer | Next Steps


Reasons for belonging to, or leading, a small group:

  • To be a part of a relationally based group that you can enjoy and grow with.

  • To connect people, new to GPC, with a community of believers and support.

  • To enfold those outside the church that you may be influencing.

  • To allow the focus of mature Christians to change from “me” to “them”; pour into someone. To become a mature disciple of Jesus Christ, and fulfill His mission.


How to be a part of a group:

  • Invite someone you love and trust to partner with you to form a group.

  • Reach out to people and ask if they are in a group, if they aren’t invite them to join you.

  • Sign up for one of our groups starting October 2nd!

  • Join us at the church on Wednesday nights, until you connect with your off campus small group.

  • Find people that lack connection and see if they would be interested in connecting in a group.

If you have any questions or need help finding a group please email us at and our team will assist you!