Launching the week of June 12th!
What Are Small Groups?

The purpose of small groups is to create an environment for genuine connection and community.

Our prayer is that the resources below give you tools to have spiritual conversations that draw you closer to God and closer to each other.

During your small group we encourage you to use the E.S.P.N. model.

Every group gathering should include each of the following:

Encouragement | Scripture | Prayer | Next Steps


Reasons for belonging to, or leading, a small group:

  • To be a part of a relationally based group that you can enjoy and grow with.

  • To connect people, new to GPC, with a community of believers and support.

  • To enfold those outside the church that you may be influencing.

  • To allow the focus of mature Christians to change from “me” to “them”; pour into someone. To become a mature disciple of Jesus Christ, and fulfill His mission.


If you have any questions or need help finding a group please email us at info@gvillepc.com and our team will assist you!



Summer Semester Small Groups
Wild Trekkers | Various Locations
Marty & Amy Elkins | Evan & Dorian Miller

Wild Trekkers is a small group of nature enthusiasts who thrive on moderate to challenging hikes. Guided by experienced leaders, they conquer rugged terrains, and immerse themselves in the beauty of the great outdoors. Join Wild Trekkers for thrilling adventures, and unforgettable memories.

Faithful Defenders | Goodlettsville
Quentin & Bonnie White | Mitch & Krystal Young

Introducing "Faithful Defenders": A unique church small group that blends faith and firearms. Faithful Defenders is a close-knit community of believers who share a passion for firearms and responsible gun ownership. In this group, members gather to deepen their spiritual connection while also honing their shooting skills and promoting safety and respect for firearms. Through regular meetings, Bible study, and range sessions, Faithful Defenders aims to foster fellowship, build trust, and encourage personal growth, all within a safe and supportive environment. Together, they strive to combine their love for God and their passion for shooting, creating a community that embraces both faith and firearms.

Pickleball Pursuits | GPC Campus
Keaton & Jordan Erickson | Trenton & Bethany Zuniga

Welcome to "Pickleball Pursuits", where faith and fun collide on the pickleball court! Join us as we come together to enjoy the game of pickleball, a unique and exciting sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, our group offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for all skill levels. As we connect through friendly matches and spirited competition, we also deepen our spiritual bonds through shared experiences and discussions. Come join us for fellowship, fitness, and pickleball fun in a faith-filled community.

Walking in Unity | GPC Campus
Ben & Deanna Alexander | Steve & Nichole Bell

Introducing "Walking in Unity" - a church small group that finds spiritual connection through walks. We gather for leisurely strolls, sharing conversations, and offering support. Join us as we explore nature, strengthen bonds, and deepen our faith together.

Volley of Faith | GPC Campus
Quade & Naomi Rudy

Join our spirited church small group where faith and volleyball unite! We're a tight-knit community that loves playing volleyball together. All ages and skill levels are welcome. We foster friendship, teamwork, and spiritual growth. Join us for fun matches, inspiring devotions, and social events. Come be part of our vibrant volleyball family!

Ashland City Small Group
Robert & Mindi McManus

Welcome to our Ashland City Campus Small Group! We're a close-knit community that gathers to grow in faith, support one another, and share life's journey. Join us for Bible study, meaningful discussions, and prayer. We value diversity, authentic relationships, and serving our community. Come belong, grow, and make lasting friendships with us.

Elements Bible Study | Clarksville
David & Lindsey Wilkerson

Join our small group as we dive into the captivating world of Elements! This Bible study invites you to explore the core elements of our faith in a warm and welcoming community. Through thought-provoking discussions and engaging activities, we will deepen our understanding of Scripture and discover how it impacts our everyday lives. Come join us as we grow in faith and fellowship together!

Bible Study Group | Greenbrier
Bill Vanatta

Welcome to our small group! We gather to study the Bible, enjoy meals, and build lasting friendships. Through engaging discussions, we deepen our faith and find practical guidance. In a warm and inclusive environment, we foster genuine connections that make life a lot more fun! Join us as we grow spiritually, savor food, and form lifelong relationships.

GPC On-Campus Bible Study
Jeremy Daigle

Join our weekly on-campus Bible study group at our church. Explore the scriptures, discuss interpretations, and apply their wisdom to our lives. Open to all backgrounds and beliefs, we foster a welcoming community of personal growth and spiritual connection. Find answers, fellowship, and deepened faith with us. Join us and experience the joy of studying the Bible together.

Ladies Book Study | Online
Alicia Howse

Join our online small group of ladies as we dive into the inspiring book "Clothed and in My Right Mind" by Lois Greene. For just $15 per person, you can purchase the book on Small Group Sign-Up Sunday. Let's explore personal growth, inner peace, and renewed purpose together. 

Bible Study Group | Ridgetop
Dan & Lori Russell

Welcome to our small group! We gather weekly to discuss the Bible and build friendships. Join us as we study Scripture, share insights, and create a supportive community. All are welcome to grow in faith and form meaningful connections with us!

Peak 60+ Group | GPC Campus
Marty & Amy Elkins

Peak60+ is a vibrant and supportive group exclusively for seniors aged 60 and above. Connect, learn, and have fun with like-minded individuals through engaging activities, stimulating discussions, and memorable outings. Embrace the joys of aging and create lifelong friendships in a warm and inclusive environment. Join us and make your golden years truly golden!

Walking Group | GPC Campus
Mike & Becki Kohrmann

Join us every Tuesday morning for our Walking Small Group. Experience the serenity of our beautiful church grounds as we walk, talk, and support each other on our faith journeys. Strengthen your body, mind, and soul in this uplifting community. Come and discover the joy of nature and spirituality combined.

Youth Small Groups | GPC Campus
Bill & Amber Mathis

Welcome to VSM, a group for our middle school, high school and college students! Each week, we gather for fun activities that strengthen friendships and nurture spiritual growth. Through engaging games, and meaningful discussions, we create a welcoming space where students can connect, have a great time, and deepen their faith together. Join us as we build lasting relationships and explore our spiritual journeys!

Women of the Bible Devotional | GPC Campus
Cindy Tarr

Discover our transformative small group for women studying and discussing inspiring women of the Bible. Uncover wisdom, courage, and faith of heroines like Esther, Ruth, and Mary Magdalene. Join us for meaningful discussions, inspiration, and connections on this transformative journey of faith. Open to all seeking spiritual growth and understanding. Let's explore extraordinary women together.