Welcome to the Campaign of Joy

Welcome to The Campaign of Joy! As we embark on this transformative experience, we seek to raise funds to construct a new building that will become a significant part of our church community. With a vision of a school to educate young minds, a youth center to nurture their growth, adult classrooms for continued learning, and a gymnasium to foster health and unity, our campaign embodies the essence of joy and togetherness. Let us come together in faith, love, and dedication to create a space that will shape futures and strengthen bonds, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for all. Together, we can make this dream a reality. Join us on this journey and be part of the joyous transformation!

Spiritual Journey

Join us on a transformative 14-day spiritual journey, as we cover the second half of the Campaign of Joy with prayer. Each day, begin with a heartfelt daily devotional, guiding you to align with God's purpose. You will also have access to a daily video that is designed to encourage you on the journey. Our prayer is that this will lead you to discover newfound joy, peace, and a deeper connection with God, leaving you transformed and ready to spread love and light throughout the world.

Digital 14 Day Devotional Access Daily Devotion Videos
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Check out our official Campaign of Joy wallpaper for your phone! Infuse your day with happiness each time you pick up your phone. This vibrant and uplifting design serves as a constant reminder to embrace the joy that comes from what God is doing at GPC. Join the movement and download this wallpaper now, transforming your phone into a beacon of pure joy. Let's inspire and brighten the world together—one wallpaper at a time!

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